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Optimising Your Website For More Email Subscribers in 10 Steps

If you want to grow your mailing list to a sustainable level then you need to have a website and it needs to be Optimised for sign ups. This way you can inadvertently promote you mailing list by consistently directing people to your website to read blog posts and listen to your music. What Does […]

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Get More From Your Fan Mailing List

Promoting your band is costly and time-consuming and often leaves you with little in return. Every time you have a gig or single release you take to social media; print up posters; and embark on both a radio and blog campaigns. But with every other band doing the same, it is hard to generate any […]

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Get More Fans To Sign Up To You Mailing List

Email is still the most efficient and cost effective way to build a following and promote your music. But how do you get people to subscribe to your mailing list.

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Quick Guide to Getting Your First 1,000 Facebook Likes

Facebook just celebrated 1 billion people to use their platform in a single day. It’s no surprise that it is the first place bands go to set up a profile. Whether you are starting out or looking to improve your Facebook marketing here is a great guide on how to get your first 1,000 fans […]

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Why No One Is Buying Your Music

I’m surprised by how many bands still think it’s OK to have a Facebook page and nothing else. Rather than managing their fans, they let Facebook do it for them. Yet Facebook openly admit that they restrict how many of your fans will see any of your posts. This ranges from 15-20% for pages with a […]

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Musicians Crowdfunding Guide

What is crowdfunding? It’s a process where you raise money by selling your product in advance of producing it. In its most basic form it is emailing their fans and asking them to send $15 or $20 for an album that hasn’t yet been recorded. You then use the money raised to produce and package […]

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Musicians Crowdfunding Guide – Your Campaign

Hopefully you’ve read my crowdfunding overview. If not, you definitely should. It should give you a good insight into how crowdfunding works and what solutions work best for musicians. Now I’m going to look at setting up and running a campaign. What target should you set? The average pledge on crowdfunding campaigns is $70 and […]

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20 Things Bands Do Wrong On Twitter

I wrote a post on how bands are using Facebook wrong recently and it’s become the most popular post on my site. So I’ve decided to move that topic over to Twitter. Get Twitter right and it will become your biggest source for new fans in no time. I find Facebook is great for engaging […]

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15 Things Bands Do Wrong On Facebook

If you are serious about making a career in music then you should stop relying on Facebook as your main promotional platform and start growing your fan mailing list. Facebook definitely has its pros, but putting all your eggs in someone else’s basket is a sure way to loose them in the long run. You […]

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Why You Should Give Your EPs Away And Not Sell Them

For a long time now the conventional way for a band to build a following was to write songs, gig, record an EP, sell it, tour, write songs, record an album, sell it and so on, so on… Bands would hire a producer and studio for a week or two and record 4-6 tracks. Often […]

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Why You Should Build Your Own Website!

Change how you communicate with your fans online. Rather then using Facebook as your band’s website, it’s about time you broke out and built a home of your own. The industry has been talking about the importance of direct-to-fan for a few years now, but very few unsigned bands have have embraced this. Most believe that […]

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